Tuesday, October 11, 2011


One of many things I adore about The Lovely Gen is her child-like enthusiasm about birthdays. Any birthday is exciting to her, and she looks forward to mine more than I do (because I'm turning 30 next year and am thus pretending time has stood still). She counts down to her birthday for a month beforehand, reminding me every day, "Babe! It's only X more days!"

Sadly for TLG, her birthday is at the end of January, which in Korea is a terrible time because most people are either on winter vacation or on their way home, so there is a distinct absence of friends. So, ignoring my own ambivalence about days of birth, I teamed up with our friend Megan to throw a surprise party for TLG and Rodney, Megan's boyfriend. Four months early. It was genius.

It wasn't a fancy party by any means. There weren't gifts or costumes or strippers, but it still took a month to plan, to give people notice and keep them in the loop about the events of the day. Don't write about it on Facebook. If TLG or Rodney ask to do something that night, you're busy/dying/don't want to be their friend. No gifts required. Just STFU!

We told the unsuspecting duo that we were taking them on a special double date to a fancy new restaurant. We had to get our ducks in a row and plan for any question they may have asked, as both surprisees were sure to be nosy. And they were. What kind of restaurant is it? What must I wear? Where is it? How did you find out about it? What are we doing afterwards? No question thwarted us and we set off for Daegu and our fictitious 8pm reservation. Megan had gone in earlier to set up the venue, claiming a 'meeting' with her former employers, so we kept in touch via SMS and were veritable CIA operatives. We ascended in the elevator, she was hiding with the friends.

SURPRISE! Even I jumped with fright. The look on TLG's face was priceless and well worth the effort. She really had no clue at all, despite my near-busts and terrible excuses. Rodney was just as thrilled, it was quite adorable how happy and special they felt. High five to everyone who attended and helped!

Luckily the boys had experience with balloons and did a wonderful blowing job.
The stunned duo
Look at that face! So cute!
TLG and I. Brownie points scored!
Birthday cake, courtesy of Tim. Kamsayo!
Rodders fancied himself Dave Grohl, after which he proceeded to trip over a wire and fall flat on his face.
Foooozeball! One of the many games we played that night, including pool, air hockey and beer pong.

Look at that mic technique! Could be on Idols!
Gen and I were beer pong champions... but not at Champs. We blame the tables.
Andrew kept saying very vulgar things into the mic, so Fiona shut him up.
Megan, my partner in crime, and Rodders.
The last song of the night, well, morning as it was 4am, with some random American girls.
The boys got all emotional and sang a long song, something to do with a house?


  1. The most brilliant party ever! Have never been surprised before and honestly didn't suspect a thing! Thank you! Sarangheyo!

  2. hahaha a surprise party four months ahead of time is DEFINITELY a big surprise! haha :)