Wednesday, September 21, 2011


You know that feeling when you think about the near future and your heart beats a little quicker? Things are going to change, you realise, and then it strikes you that you have no idea or plan about how to deal with it. I started thinking about how I'm going back to Cape Town in five months and haven't written more than an email or a Facebook status update in 18 months. I'm supposed to be a writer! Hi editor, please give me a job. I promise I'm really good, despite not adding to my portfolio in nearly two years!

And so here I am. People, from my friends to my parents to my girlfriend, have been nagging me for months to start a blog. I've resisted because a) after a day of teaching kids not to say 'Jew' when they mean 'Zoo', writing is the last thing I feel like doing, and b) everyone who comes to Korea starts a blog and they all say exactly the same things. This may be a crazy country, but it's the same crazy for everyone.

But alas, I have relented. I have the material, I have some fairly unique experiences to comment on, and I need to write something other than, "Oh my god, Bibimbap for lunch again!" for my own sanity. So I'm not promising anything, but I'll try to put something up once a week (ok, every two weeks) and I'll try not to bore you to tears. There might be pictures.


  1. And now you have a follower... (I wrote this all out once already, but then Google ate it. Don't you hate it when that happens?! If I remember what I wrote the first time, I'll jot it down again... something about world domination and quirky perspectives from all over the world and you provoking me and others into writing more, and eZines, and... "Oh, shut up sTiv!")
    Good on ya. Look forward to reading more.